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Car Cleaning Spray

Car Cleaning Spray

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Car interior detailer is the ultimate product for keeping the inside of your car in pristine condition. This quick-drying coat of protection is designed to add longevity to your car interior components - from plastics and painted plastics, to vinyl, door panels, imitation leathers, and more. By creating a barrier between moisture and dirt, Interior Detailer creates superior protection against fading in extreme temperatures like those that come with the hot sun beaming down on your dashboard. Use this product as part of regular maintenance or simply on its own as a protective layer - either way you'll have an interior that stays cleaner & brighter for longer periods of time.

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Car interior detailer is an exceptional solution for cleaning and caring for the leather and plastic surfaces in your car. Developed by experienced professionals in the field of automotive care, it aims to provide your vehicle with maximum cleanliness and shine.


Ease of Application: Packaged in a convenient spray bottle, applying this cleaner is quick and easy. Simply apply the product to the surface, leave it for a few seconds, and then gently wipe it away with a dry, soft cloth.

Safety: car interior detailer is safe for both leather and plastic surfaces, containing no harsh chemicals and being environmentally friendly.


Moisturization and Protection: The unique formula of this product moisturizes the leather, preventing it from becoming weathered and losing elasticity. Additionally, car interior detailer creates a protective layer that guards against UV rays and other external factors.

Professional Quality: This product has been designed to meet the needs of automotive professionals, and its professional-grade quality is accessible to every car owner. You can trust your car to car interior detailer , knowing that it will deliver impeccable results.